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Why I hate ice.......

I grew up in Jamaica, that's probably enough of an explanation for why I am not fond of Winter weather.

I actually like snow just fine.  I would prefer not to drive in it but I can certainly appreciate its beauty.

Ice on the other hand I have no use for.

Today I had class at noon.  Against my better judgment I decided to try to make it to class.  After all my husband had left hours earlier and he didn't seem to have any problems.

I bravely jump in my car and get ready for my journey.  I should probably add that I am petrified of Winter driving.  Also, I drive a rear wheeled drive car.  I really do like my car and I feel very cute and sporty in it in the Summer.  However, in the Winter it really is quite the menace.

Back to the story,

I jump in the car and proceed to back down the driveway.  Oh wait that's where the story ends.

My car is stuck in the ice IN MY OWN DRIVEWAY!!!  It will neither go forward nor backward at this point only sideways!  To make matters worse I can't even walk back into the house because the driveway is a sheet of ice.  For a moment I wonder will I be stuck in my car, in my own driveway until my husband gets home?

I am able to "bravely" skate my way to the lawn and make it back in the front door.

When I get a hold of my husband he suggests that I skate back across the lawn and across the road to the construction site across the street and try to get some sand to use as traction (forgetting of course that the sand is also covered in snow and ice).

However, I wisely vetoed this plan thinking if i'm this much of a menace in my own driveway then you probably don't need me on the roads.  So I cancelled my class, which is probably what my students were hoping for anyway and I am spending yet another day at home with my kids.


Car stuck in driveway

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22 commentsDr. Stacey-Ann Baugh • January 28 2009 01:07PM
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