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I'm in Facebook Jail!

On Monday during the inauguration festivities I tried to access my facebook account from my I-phone and it told me I needed to log in again.  I assumed something was going on with the app so I waited until I got home and tried to log on from my home computer.  That didn't work either and then I got a message saying that facebook will contact me "shortly".  Clearly their definition of shortly and my definition of shortly are not the same!

The following day I received a message from facebook saying that for me to be able to access my account I would need to verify my identity by uploading a government ID showing my name and birth date.  At first I was nervous but I did it anyway.  That was Tuesday morning and I have heard nothing else from facebook.  If I try to log-in to my account I get sent to the page telling me I need to verify my identity.  I've tried doing it again, still nothing.

In the meantime, I am amazed at how disconnected I feel from everything simply because I can't log into my facebook account.

I missed everyone's reaction to the inauguration, don't know what people thought of Mrs. Obama's dress or bangs.  I have no idea what my friends ate for lunch!  Last night, my kids were going to a ball at school and I couldn't get the affirmation I needed that they were gorgeous!

(The ones on the ends are mine)

All these inane details that don't really matter have become such an integral part of how we connect socially that I feel so "out of the loop" because I can't participate.

I am also unbelievably disgusted at the way facebook treats its users.  I realize we don't pay for membership, however, the power of the membership is what has made Facebook founders billionaires.  Therefore, I would think they would have less disdain for the membership. 

There is no way to contact anyone at facebook.  I've tried sending an email but only get automated responses.  There are no phone numbers anywhere.  All I keep getting is that I will be contacted "shortly".  In no world does 4 days count as SHORTLY!!!!!

This apparently happens relatively often.  I read one person saying that it took her over a month to get a response from facebook and regain access to her account.  That is unacceptable!

In addition to my personal profile I cannot access my business page or my charity page.  Luckily I had added my husband as an admin to those pages so if I do have to start over at least I can get back to posting on those pages.  My personal profile is still visible so people could be contacting me and would think I was just not responding.  For so many, this could be costing us business.  Even my instagram page isn't working properly because it keeps wanting me to sync with facebook which takes me right back to the same page saying they will contact me shortly.

Facebook should have some respect for that - especially since they have spent so much time to make their product omnipresent.


Fingers crossed that I get parole soon!  It's no fun being in Facebook jail - especially when I don't even know what my crime was.


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Comment balloon 13 commentsDr. Stacey-Ann Baugh • January 25 2013 06:58AM


Amazing how much we have come to rely on social media!  I hope your issue is resolved soon so you can get out of jail.


Posted by Alisa McKeel Willson, Certified Res. Appraiser (Appraisal Pros in Texas) over 5 years ago

seems a lot of folks (including me) are having problems wiuth fvebook.,..they all but ssume that ANY log in from something other thn yrou promary source cn trigger a problem

Posted by Paddy Deighan JD PhD, Paddy Deighan J.D. Ph.D ( over 5 years ago

"...government ID showing my name and birth date."  Do you feel confident that you were actually communicating with Facebook? 

Posted by Mike Carlier, More opinions than you want to hear about. over 5 years ago

You get what you pay for....and we all know that for sure.  I see that you're out of jail!!!

Posted by Anna Banana Kruchten CRB, CRS 602-380-4886, Arizona's Top Banana! (Phoenix Property Shoppe) over 5 years ago

Alisa - thanks, it was finally resolved

Paddy - they said they locked me off by mistake

Mike - I checked and double checked before I did it

Anna - I got released this morning (right after I posted this)

Posted by Dr. Stacey-Ann Baugh, A doctor who makes house calls. (Century 21 New Millennium) over 5 years ago

What in the what? Why did they do that?  I would be terrified to send a government ID to Facebook.  What if it was a scammer?  Glad you got back in though!

Posted by Coral Gundlach, Real Lives. Not Just Real Estate. (Compass) over 5 years ago

Coral - They said it was an error.  I was terrified.  I kew it was the official site because my husband could get in - just not me :-(

Posted by Dr. Stacey-Ann Baugh, A doctor who makes house calls. (Century 21 New Millennium) over 5 years ago

I would also be afraid of sending my official government ID..........Facebook is getting to be a bit much and I have started opting OUT of most of their apps, including different Realtor apps. I just refuse to give them that much power over me.

Posted by Barbara-Jo Roberts Berberi, MA, PSA, TRC - Greater Clearwater Florida Residential Real Estate Professional, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Clearwater, Safety Harbor (Charles Rutenberg Realty) over 5 years ago

I think I would have been calling someone. There's no way I would have sent someone a document showing my date of birth, that's a first step towards identity theft. I know you said there are no phone numbers, but there must be someone official you can contact. You're the first person I've ever heard of that has received a message like this from Facebook. I fervently hope that everything turns out OK and your identity has not been stolen.

Posted by Pat & Wayne Harriman, Broker/Owners, Wallingford CT Real Estate (Harriman Real Estate, LLC (203) 672-4499) over 5 years ago

OK, I just did some quick research and apparently this has been happening for quite a while. Check out this person's experience from 2010:

Posted by Pat & Wayne Harriman, Broker/Owners, Wallingford CT Real Estate (Harriman Real Estate, LLC (203) 672-4499) over 5 years ago

Barbara Jo - I tend to opt out of most things as well.  However, I did want access to my profile and business page so I played along

Pat & Wayne - you'll be amazed that there is no one.  Even phone numbers you may find are automated and don't lead you to actual people.  I've heard several people who have had similar experiences.

Posted by Dr. Stacey-Ann Baugh, A doctor who makes house calls. (Century 21 New Millennium) over 5 years ago


Glad to see you are out of facebook jail and that your identity hasn't been stolen....unless.....

How do I know that this IS the REAL Dr. Stacey-Ann Baugh?


Posted by Bridget "Mortgage Mama" McGee, Maryland Mortgage Mama NMLS#196068 (Corridor Mortgage Group 410-960-2061) over 5 years ago

Bridget - you'll have to come to lunch to decide if this is the REAL me

Posted by Dr. Stacey-Ann Baugh, A doctor who makes house calls. (Century 21 New Millennium) over 5 years ago

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